Everything Went Strunk CD
Everything Went Strunk CD
De La Mente Records

recorded by: andy wright (plus/minus studios)
cover art: michael_bukowski@hotmail.com

semi-discography CD includes:
premium iced tea 7", moshzilla 7", killed in action split 7", + 11 compilation tracks and a live set from WPTS 92.1

Track List

Self titled 'premium iced tea' 7" (crucial blast records)
01. thrashin' is our business and business is mediocre at best
02. livingroom moshpit
03. baby, i don't want to makeout, i just want to circle pit
04. fuck electrons
05. communitea
06. off the gods
07. boy i'm gonna set you on fire if you say another fucking word
08. give the world a hug
09. punx n' skinz, let's unite them, put them on a boat, send them off to sea, and sink those fuckers

Moshzilla 7" (de la mente records)
10. teabag god
11. rice traitor
12. usable buildings
13. change time
14. blatantly obvious political song
15. columbus fest is a celebration of genocide
16. wigout at kinkos
17. end result of drinking too much iced tea
18. bonus track
19. sneakers
20. freegan reich

Killed In Action split 7" (fast for life records)
21. fingerpoint and click
22. dri not emf
23. security sludge
24. smell the bacon, what's with you?
25. in this defiance of the one urinal rule

Compilation tracks (most never saw the light of day)
26. communitea II
27. PDA
28. eucker youth
29. puppet on a string
30. moral majority
31. anti-bracist action
32. megaphone
33. youth crews are not like menuedo
34. one less jeff gordon fan
35. emo violence
36. nailgun to your fucking lips
37. contra

38. live on WPTS 92.1 FM


Heartattack #35, August 2002
Reviewed by: Chris Duprey
Crucial Unit - Everything Went Strunk CD
This CD is fucking great. It's got plenty of material including the debut Iced Tea 7", Moshzilla 7", KIA split, comp tracks and a live show. If you haven't heard the mighty unit of cruciality, prepare for a blast of tight thrash/fastcore with some grind elements. One of the best parts is the screechy lead vocals and the drunken Viking back ups, plus a great sense of humor. Any band that has a Three Stooges sample and a Youth Brigade cover, it just doesn't get much better. And they put on a great live show.
CD (De La Mente/PO Box 7183/Pittsburgh, PA 15213)