Split EP with Rambo
rambo split 7"
ed walters records

recorded by: andy wright at plus/minus studios in november 2001
cover art: michael_bukowski@hotmail.com

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Lyrics to our side

1. mosh against milk solids - mp3 (1.2 MB)
beware of the blue wrapped peanut chews. because they just might make you ill. mosh against - milk solids. they taste so good. tiny vegan candy treats. just don't let them fool you.

2. chinese restaurant mosh pit - mp3 (1.1 MB)
philadelphia - we love fake meat - new years day lunch - we love fake meat - 2001 - we love fake meat - 31 punks eating - we love fake meat. chinese restaurant mosh pit. golden empress mosh pit. crushing mummers - we love fake meat - tony mooching food - we love fake meat - recovering from moshing - we love fake meat - half are hung over - we love fake meat. chinese restaurant mosh pit. golden empress mosh pit.

3. bikes not bush - mp3 (928 KB)
wish you were dead. skid on your head. you start a war. in the name of oil. we want bikes not bush. ride a bike instead of supporting his greedy oil industry.

4. squat the woods - mp3 (2.8 MB)
when i was younger i didn't know that sombody owned the wooded land. as i grew a bit older i knew the laws but didn't care. lets go out and squat the woods, riding bikes all day long. digging giant piles of dirt, buiding jumps for bmx bikes. the woods became my second home. disregard for private property. signs and fences didn't keep us out. working togehter as a community. where will the kids tabletop the hips when the woods become strip malls. how will the deer continue to exist when the world is a giant parking lot? Concrete forests illegal to grind. thrashers and wildlife with nowhere to go.