split LP with Municipal Waste
split CD with Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste split LP / CD
Six Weeks Records

recorded by: andy wright (plus/minus studios) in november / december 2001
cover art: jason angst

Lyrics to our side

1. five inches of oppression - mp3 (2.9 MB)
your novelty records are a bloody sham and they cost more money for much less music. they - they don't even play. what a fucking waste. end the oppression, add two inches. end it.

2. i scream, you scream, we all scream for no screamo - mp3 (3.0 MB)
one look at the masses of kids with short pants and you can tell a flood of watered down hardcore is coming our way. i scream, you scream, we all scream for no screamo. kids with dyed black hair, rod stewart haircuts and an infatuation with stupid star tattoos. the whitebelts are ready to klingon to the next big thing hyped by the internet. i scream, you scream, we all scream for no screamo. we always see them dropping mics at fests while they are crying about their crappy love live. since when was screamo all about littering, cat calling and fashion?

3. 900 samosas - mp3 (1.3 MB)
nine hundred dollars for a separated shoulder is a lot of money. i don't have that. socialized healthcare is what i prefer, separated shoulder eats a bag of shit. medical bills go straight to the trash. 900 samosas would really be neat. you may think that a dollar for a samosa is a lot of money until you taste it. i'm not paying you, i'll buy samosas instead. i'm not paying you. don't tell me what to do.

4. wall of death the chain of life - mp3 (3.5 MB)
riding my bike and i saw such a mess. hundreds of white people in protest. i rode a bit closer to see why they were pissed. thought they were buying barry manilow tickets. they weren't coming from playing tennis, but they had a picture of a giant fetus. i knew it was time to round up the kids so we could lock arms and fucking resist. wall of death the chain of fucking life.

5. i heard mayday was a riot - mp3 (3.0 MB)
reclaim the streets, take back what is ours. people, not commerce. bicycles, not cars. we will take to the fucking streets to express our dissent with the world as well as history they try to hide. people in the streets. fuck police brutality. media distorts the truth. they see what they can sell. they hear what they want to hear. only way to spread the truth is by doing this every year.

6. scrabble punx - mp3 (2.4 MB)
spelling, phonics, vocab - killing time at work. spelling, phonics, vocab - passing time in the van. s-c-r-a-b-b-l-e-p-u-n-x - we are the scrabble punx! double word score, triple word score, double letter we are the scrabble punx! triple letter, double letter, triple word score, we are the scrabble punx!

7. million dollar thrash song - mp3 (2.7 MB)
i am going to have to fucking use two annoying ass bogus dudes who happen to be named bill and ted in order to gain access to their time machine. system - bogus! thrashcore - excellent! george bush - bogus! time machine - excellent! i am going to take direct action by using technology to my advantage. i will change the fucking system, keeping another bush from being president. abort george bush. prevent g.w. i am going to abort your texan ass with the help of my time machine. i am going to prevent your white power son by aborting you, you pig fucking nazi satyr asshole.

8. this machine kills buffets - mp3 (1.9 MB)
uh oh! here come five hungry dudes who are ready to destroy your buffet. fake meat chinese, indian food, ethopian, mediteranian. killin' buffets. eating machines. this machine kills buffets. kill buffets, kill buffets, this machine kills buffets.

9. thrashaholics unanimous - mp3 (2.9 MB)
ragers and thrashers' need for moshing is ruined by mosh pit masturbation. macho kungfu karate kicks are so inconsiderate. let's just circle pit. fuck your individualist mosh. no neo-liberals in the pit. forget our differences in the circle...pit.


MRR #228, May 2002
Jesus! Six Weeks outdid themselves this time, I can't decide which side to rave about first; I guess I'll start with Virginia's MUNICIPAL WASTE. The instrumental opener is your first clue as to what is to come...10 songs of late '80s crossover thrash. If Thrash Zone was good. Better than Four of a Kind. The lyrics are flawless, the solos are even better and the whole thing feels like a record that is 15 years old. Fucking love it. Now about those Pittsburgh boys: if you've heard the CRUCIAL UNIT EP or the split with KILLED IN ACTION, then you still have no fucking clue how great this record is. Best lyrics of this year and last year, hands down, no contest, only the RAMBO LP even comes close. Any song that associates the need for socialized heath care with samosas (delicious indian vegetable fritters, try one today) wins my vote, but a song about punxs arm in arm mowing over crowds of pro-lifers? That'll win you the election. And then there's "Million Dollar Thrash Song," about stealing Bill and Ted's time machine and aborting George W. Bush, and I don't have time to tell you about all of them, because I have to tell you how awesome the music is too! Blazing fast thrash, fully blown-out, with vocals that are on the very brink of shrieking...fuck it is so goddamned good. Ignore the cover art, which is terrible, and buy this fucking record, if you like anything loud, fast, punk, or thrash...you know, music you can circle-pit to. Side note to CRUCIAL UNIT: I'll be coming through Pittsburgh this June, and I will fuck you up at Scrabble. (WN)

Short Fast and Loud #9, Spring 2003
Well, unless you have been living in a cave in the backwoods of the Antarctica for the last year or so, then both of these bands should already be kicking your ass by now. CRUCIAL UNIT goes ballistic with some screechy thrash that combines a lot of speed and humor. MUNICIPAL WASTE throws up the goat, and blaze through some thrashing metalcore. And both bands have an excellent sense of humor, which shines through in their lyrics. If you like eye-watering, ear shredding thrash that will make you bust a gut from laughing so hard after reading the lyrics, then buy this damn release immediately.
Six Weeks, 225 Lincoln Ave., Cotati, CA 94931 u.s.a

From the Mordam Records web site
A meeting of monumental thrashcore proportions! Pennsylvania's CRUCIAL UNIT have unleashed hardcore mastery on their previous 7" and split EP, complete with glass shattering screaming and old school '80s punk ferocity similar to the melding of the late great Neos and Charles Bronson! Virginia newcomers MUNICIPAL WASTE crank out the blasphemous '80s crossover sound not unlike legends Cryptic Slaughter or Beyond Description, this time captured with a strong recording with their blazing high speed hi-jinx and razor sharp wit intact, matching and exceeding the wackiness present on their debut EP, which has drawn praise from all over the globe. Actually both these bands will have you rolling with laughter in the pit (yes you are now allowed to laugh in the pit, tough guy!). CRUCIAL UNIT and MUNICIPAL WASTE are leading the way to making hardcore fun again, so lose those floods and the nerd glasses and hop on board the "Poser Disposer" bandwagon, loser!