Moshzilla EP
Moshzilla 7"
De La Mente Records

recorded by: andy wright at plus/minus studios in may 2000
cover artwork: jeanne d'angelo


1. teabag god - mp3 (1.5 MB)
i'm throwing a sleepover this next friday night. just like any sleepover i'm going to invite one kid that we all hate just so we can fuck with him. i'm going to invite that lousy snot nose god. sure he'll eat all the munchies. sure he'll talk through the movie. sure he'll fuck up truth or dare. but it will be worth it once he falls fast alseep. SO WE CAN teabag god! x4

2. rice traitor -    mp3 (864 KB)
if you eat white rice, you should feel guilty. i eat white rice, i feel guilty. found in too many restaurants. go renounce your white rice privledge. so bland and so flavorless. go renounce your white rice privilege. no nutritional value. go renounce your white rice privilege. when tensions start to boil. go renounce your white rice privilege. go renounce your...white rice privilege.

3. usable buildings - mp3 (832 KB)
don't burn down the churches. because they are still usefull buildings. that could be used for show spaces or skateparks.

4. change time - mp3 (768 KB)
don't confuse the cows and chickens. their industry thrives on our darkness. six pm - pitch black - we're gonna take it back! fall back, spring ahead! for as much as i like ice cream and cheese pizza, i'd go vegan for no more daylights savings time. fall back spring ahead!

5. blatantly obvious political song - mp3 (1.8 MB)
did you know that you need oxygen just to maintain your existence? the water's only three feet deep. don't fuckin dive. paralyzed for life. why do you people ignore these warnings. each year millions die. you may think this is common sense. then why do so many wind up dead. cutting your throat is like cutting your own throat. there is not a doubt about it. your gonna die. keep your head and arms inside the bus. otherwise you might lose them. to avoid danger of suffocation keep this plastic bag away from babies & children. do not use in cribs, beds, carriages, or play pens.

6. columbus fest is a celebration of genocide - mp3 (1.7 MB)
O.H.I.O - i don't want to fucking go! every year a hardcore fest celebrates geonocide. native americans are insulted with countless crappy bands and go nowhere workshops. home of the native americans is now home of shitty distros. O.H.I.O - i don't want to fucking go! columbus arrives slaughters the natives creates a wasteland and calls it ohio. natives only remembered by tribal drum intros, lame tribal tattoos and white male guilt. O.H.I.O - i don't want to fucking go! nagasaki, hiroshima, auschwitz, los angeles, homestead, O HI O!

7. wigout at kinko's - mp3 (928 KB)
zines killing trees, littering our scene, nothing is unique so they better be free! let's wig out at kinkos! GO! photos of the cool bands for this season. political advice on how to commmit treason. regurgitated bullshit xeroxed for the masses. these rags would be better for wiping asses. do something new and make it real funny. otherwise, don't ask me for my money.

8. end result of drinking too much iced tea - mp3 (464 KB)
hoss has another kidney stone!

9. bonus track - mp3 (944 KB)
bonus tracks don't come with lyrics

10. sneakers - mp3 (1.5 MB)
originally by the teen idles. covers don't come with lyrics either.

11. freegan reich - mp3 (1.5 MB)
militant against commitment, holier than ovo-lactos. ice cream is your weakness cheese pizza's fine meatless. tote a gun in the name of a clever pun. every time you justify another animal fucking dies. you firestorm a bakery, yet you'll dive their dumpster sitting on a fence thinking you're on a pedastol. forget about your morals with your alleyway crew. diving many dumpsters eating blocks of cheese until a rusty needle gives you a disease. i refuse to..i refuse to be a member of your freegan reich.


Eye Witness # 50 (
CRUCIAL UNIT - Moshzilla 7"
Nach dieser Single habe ich wie bl?e gegeifert, denn immerhin haben CRUCIAL UNIT mit ihren bisherigen Schnitten (Crucial unit" 7" [von .01; die ist auch unter dem Titel Premium iced tea" bekannt], Split seven inches of destruction" Split 7" w/ KILLED IN ACTION [.01], Split LP w/ MUNICIPAL WASTE [.02]) drei v?lig b?enstarke Thrashscherben aus den Studios gebracht. Auf der Moshzilla" 7" w?en sich CRUCIAL UNIT wie gehabt durch in den allermeisten Momenten superschnellen, kompromi?osen und immens lustigen der Text zu Bonus track" lautet: Bonus tracks don.t come with lyrics"!! Thrashcore mit einem S?ger, der so feist schreit, da?es bestimmt nicht besonders gesund ist. Was soll.s, ist ja schlie?ich nicht mein Hals... Diese zehn eigenen St?ke sowie Sneakers" von den TEEN IDOLS (im Original auf deren .80er Minor disturbance" 7") rammeln so derma?n astrein aus den Speakern, da?ich jetzt erstmal einen auf Moshzilla" mache und eine kleine Runde um den Block hopse!! Geiler Shit!!