These Colors Get The Runs LP
These Colors Get The Runs LP / CD
Six Weeks Records #76

recorded by: andy wright at plus/minus studios in march / april 2003
cover art: jason angst

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01 - Dubyanomics - mp3 (6.1 MB)
inaugural parade sponsored by pepsi - corporate masters pulling tyrants strings. fuck!!! billionaire leaders consulting wal-mart for economic advice - FTAA continues daddy's NAFTA new world order. tax cuts for the rich like uncle ronnie's trickle down - military spending increase for middle east oil wars. dubyanomics killing me! dubyanomics killing you! bring us the head of the town fool - we'll give him a taste of his golden rule. parade it around in a punk ritual - dance in a counter-clockwise circle. dubyanomiiiiiiiiics!!!!

02 - Adolthood - mp3 (3.8 MB)
it is not what you do to make money - that should be used to judge others. importance should be put on - how people spend their spare time. a life of work to consume - is just a waste of our time. between work and sleep - we are living the lives that we want. spend half your day trying to look busy - or work yourself so hard that you drop dizzy. your expectations - fuck adolthood! bullshit obligations - fuck adolthood! work it just pays the bills - it won't get us knocked down. we will just save to quit - then we'll have our fun.

03 - Bruce Springsteen Needs The Workers But The Workers Don't Need Bruce Springsteen - mp3 (4.4 MB)
we'll take a stance - dickies work pants. poorly designed - yes we do mind. it's not funny - pinball money. lost in couches - making grouches. this is part of the problem - in a world of us versus them. your pockets are on their side - proletariat will turn the tide. working classes - bust their asses. just to have spare change thrown away. silver pouring - never storing. who needs change more than the workers. this is part of the problem - in a world of us versus them. your pockets are on their side - proletariat will turn the tide. take a stand - fix the pockets - change will come! change will come, it will come, change will come!

04 - No Loafin' - mp3 (6.3 MB)
we! we just want to sit. you! you say that we can not stay. we! we don't give a shit. you! you want to have your own way. hanging out, with our friends, doing nothing but what we want. drinking tea, eating sweets, talking shit, watching our hair grow long. waiting for tonight's show. we! we know you're doing your job. you! you need to take a chill pill. we! we will fire your boss. you! you can get high with hoss. hanging out, with our friends. doing nothing but what we want. drinking tea, eating sweets, talking shit, watching our hair grow long. waiting for tonight's show. soon will come the day when hanging out is illegal. nobody can enjoy a nice refreshing iced tea, outside the storefront that they purchased it from, without getting yelled at. we need a massive sit-in. thousands of people loafin'. tear down the signs and hang out for hours, then the pigs won't do shit, they might even join us. start a giant movement where everybody chants - we just want to chill - we just want to loaf!

05 - Crucial Unit's Friendship Picnic (album edit) - mp3 (4.8 MB)
it has been said that we alienate - lots of different crowds from time to time. if you'd sit down and try to talk - you'd realize that we're decent dudes. this is our way to apologize - for some of our snide remarks. let's forget this stupidity - with a picnic in the park. crucial unit's friendship picnic, everybody's invited except for the skins, we'll apologize for all the shit we've said, and we'll try to make amends. what better way to mend broken ties, than with iced tea and tons of O fries. we'll play this riff again and again, until everyone becomes our friend. crucial unit's friendship picnic

06 - Keep Punk Moderately Dangerous - mp3 (6.1 MB)
maybe our music is less urgent - we're rehashing your old shit. but at least we're moving forward - leaving your shadiness behind. you can say we are uptight - and have a fictitious punk rule book. i'll be damned if i long for days - where sketchy fucks are jumping off of speaker cabinets. while wearing wrestling masks - with swastikas on them. any time I get a taste - of your golden olden days. it gets punched out of my mouth - by some dodgy fuck in the pit. i have no desire to go back to days of constant violence, destroyed venues, and lack of understanding

07 - Crucial United Forces - mp3 (5.4 MB)
allright! billions of people marching blindly - all are led by sense of hearing. blazing guitars and drum solos - sounds of distort and screams of dying. crucial united forces (X3)- marching to battle. crucial united forces (X3) - rocking your world. troops arriving to reek havoc - five dudes are on the stage yeah. they never stop they never quit - cuz they are crucial unit. crucial united forces (X3) - rocking your world. crucial united forces (X3) - marching to battle. punkers, ragers, bangers, thrashers - screaming for louder and faster. bang your head! pump your fist! surf the net! hurt your friends! nuke the south! bikes not bush! smoke some trees! pound some tea!

08 - Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness, Too Bad We're All Atheists - mp3 (4.1 MB)
why wash your clothes - after one wear. why go to church - that joint's for squares. waste of time, waste of time, waste of fuckin' time. (4X) we're not lazy - we just don't care. there's not enough - time in our day. waste of time, waste of time, waste of fuckin' time. (4x) they say to go to church. they say to clean our rooms. we don't want to go to church. we don't want to clean our rooms. what's the point to shower daily - when you will get dirty again. why pass up sleep-in sundays - for some brainwash and wooden benches. church is boring - laundry's annoying. our rooms are messy - we are busy. why live a life, that is sterile - cleaning, washing, christmas carols.

09 - Communitea III - mp3 (1.6 MB)
what better way to show loyalty to your crew - than sharing iced tea that was freshly brewed. turners, wawa, turkey hill - iced tea! communitea!! - pass the tea around!!

10 - These Colors Get The Runs - mp3 (3.6 MB)
red white and brown - oozing from top down. you have the largest guns - and a case of the runs. the greed machine - is pooping green. with every bomb dropped - the sickness doesn't stop! CIA empowered hussein, bin laden, pinochet - repeats itself again and again. overthrow social movements - disguise it as promoting freedom. or the bullshit war on drugs - and now the fuckin' war on terror. these colors get the runs! they get the runs!

11 - The Quest For Certaintea - mp3 (8.7 MB)
on the road and jonezin' for tea - pure hatred for dry country. choose death before a mouth any dryer - iced cold brown lust liquid desire. microbrewed. on the quest for the best iced tea. on the quest for the best qualitea. on the quest for the best quantitea. on the quest, on the quest for certaintea. if your veins were filled with tea - the unit would rush to your rescue. looking for tea left and right - nothing but snapple in our sight. in the mountains and in the woods - through the desserts and seas of blood. looking for tea - searching for tea. willing to fight in the day and in the night - willing to fight with all our might. this is our life's blood!


From: the Mordam Records web site
Thrash-Aholics Unanimous members unite!! Pittsburgh PA.'s CRUCIAL UNIT are the top vote getters in the 2003 Thrash The Vote polls, sending salvo after salvo of relentless daisy-cutter sized bombs of humor and all-out thrashcore at politicians, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, the religious right, the Flag, and a host of other low brow jack-asses! Fueled by weapons-grade ice tea from the lowlands of Pennsylvania, these kids are out to prove that laughter is the best medicine to calm those dire, anxiety-ridden days of terrorist threat alerts and the crashing demise of the U.S. economy. Eleven new blasts of the most insane, wrecking ball-destroying thrash in the US today with the wit, politics, and humor to make all your stressed-out thoughts and worries go away. at least for the next 30 minutes!! Duct tape not included

From: Pulp Newsweekly
Six Weeks
Any metalhead worth his salt back in 1988 wouldn't dare have been lacking records by Anthrax, Exodus and Metallica in a collection. But times have changed since the heyday of the comparatively short-lived thrash metal movement, with many seminal acts degenerating from innovation to imitation in the wake of alternative rock and so-called "nu-metal." Crucial Unit never let their thrash records collect much dust over the past 10 years or so, based on These Colors Get the Runs. Over 11 tracks, the fivesome belch out frenzied tributes to their cold beverage of choice -- "Communitea," "The Quest for Certaintea" -- wax scatalogic about the U.S.'s post-September 11 carpet-bomb diplomacy in the title track and rail against the incompatibility of Dickies work trousers with pocket change in "Bruce Springsteen Needs the Workers But the Workers Don't Need Bruce Springsteen." The record also finds the band infusing their familiar hybrid of high-velocity crusty punk and retro-thrash riffage with allusions to pop-punk in "Crucial Unit's Friendship Picnic" and power metal via the aforementioned "Certaintea," which features guitarists Dan Wyrostek and Ian Ryan on a soaring twin lead right out of the Iron Maiden lexicon. Vocalist Justin Cummings takes the overblown-larynx approach to its natural extremes. His raspy, whistling shriek and warbling growl sounds more Muppet than menace and is well suited to the sentiments of songs like "Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness, Too Bad We're All Atheists."     --ADAM MACGREGOR

From: Heartattack #40, November 2003
CRUCIAL UNIT - These Colors Get The Runs CD
As if in an attempt to bludgeon us with the indistinctive obviousness of their name, one is easily lead to expect what this release suggests: a closed book of routine banality. Crucial Unit is a second tier thrash outfit from Pittsburgh, with a sound laden in gagging-poodle vocals and frustrating gang backup's atop noodley eighties speed metal licks. In most instances, they seem to be throwing together riffs out of left field with little assertion and undercut the brutality with often predictable, embarrassingly-obvious compositions that prevent them from ingraining a single memorable song in the listener's wandering mind. From the sounds of this, the band seems to have had a blast recording in the studio, but one must remember that Pittsburgh is a city that's a wasteland for a reason. This CD also includes their side of a split LP with Municipal Waste. (Six Weeks/225 Lincoln Ave./Cotati, CA 94931)     --Mark Mccoy