split EP with Killed In Action
killed in action split 7"
fast for life records

recorded by: andy wright at plus/minus studios
cover art: jeanne d'angelo

Lyrics to our side

1. fingerpoint and click - mp3 (1.6 MB)
a solution for lazy kids who don't want to go out. virtual reality in the punk community. finger point and click, there is a new trick. never leave the house. moshing with a mouse. watch online streaming shows. the fashion police can't shun you for un-hip clothes. this is fine until you get caught up in the firewall of death and given another dns beatdown. majordomo's coming and you're on his list. majordomo's coming and he's fucking pissed.

2. dri not emf - mp3 (1.9 MB)
don't get caught up in the mess, keyboards were meant for YES. you're not in faith no more, so stay out of the yamaha store. unenthused and wearing black, we're not cutting any slack. off-key notes at the wrong time. let's just thrash and fucking grind. DRI not EMF! x4

3. security sludge - mp3 (2.8 MB)
everybody is screaming about offing the fucking pigs, but nobody is concerned about the security guards. only protecting expensive property, sounds like a cop without a gun to me. chasing away bmx'ers, confiscating skateboards, not down with graffiti, just rolling in their suv's. cops are referred to as a 5.0. then a security guard is only a 2.5. people think that cops aren't real people, so security guards are subhumans that are nothing but fucking scum.

4. smell the bacon, what's with you - mp3 (768 KB)
originally by agnostic front/madball

5. in this defiance of the one urinal rule - mp3 (1.8 MB)
i will do everything possible that i can to make tough guys feel uncomfortable at urinal stalls by not leaving a space between myself and them. this is how i will fight their narrow minded ways. in this defiance x3. of the one urinal rule. fuck your irrational fear of being too close to other men. this bathroom homophobia shows your insecurities. i will do what i can to fight your fucking ignorance. i'll be sure to take my stance each time i unzip my pants.


The Crass Menagerie - Issue #96 - August 2001 (http://www.geocities.com/toocrass)
Review by: Jeb Branin
This is one of those records that when you put it on you end up bouncing off the walls and frashing all over the damn place. KILLED IN ACTION may wear their CAPITALIST CASUALTIES influences on their sleeves but they are stellar students because they have created a sound that is almost the equal of the mighty C.C. for sheer thrashing intensity and pure adrenaline laced hardcore. Fans of W.H.N.? need to add K.I.A. to their list of initial bands worth tracking down. Besides any band that actually sings a song about being Star Wars toy collecting dorks is mandatory. On the flip side of this record you have CRUCIAL UNIT. Barry Manilow may write the songs that make the whole world sing but CRUCIAL UNIT write the songs that make the whole world thrash. Their sound is a mixture of mosh, HELLNATION screech, and late 80s HERESY styled metalcore. They are one of the few bands you are going to hear that understand sing-a-longs and thrash can go hand in hand. ( Fast For Life Records c/o A. Mike Myers 3918 24th Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98108 - I told the band I was going to make a Barry Manilow comparison in my review, I bet they thought I was kidding)