self titled EP aka Premium Iced Tea
Premium Iced Tea 7"
Crucial Blast Records

recorded by: andy wright at plus/minus studios in may 2000


1. crucial unit theme song - a.k.a. thrashin' is our business and business is mediocre at best - mp3 (1.6 MB)
here's an iced tea fueled destruction. coming in your direction. we're for skate & bmx. all posers are getting wrecked. indian food eating machines. killing hardcore, destroying scenes. cursing up a fucking storm, virgin ears best be warned. CRUCIAL UNIT x8. burning cop cars, killing pigs. wild unruly anarchists. a thrash monkees or sex pistols. total fucking hardcore swindle. it'll suck when chris moves. who cares, we are internet approved. "s" is for the strength to stand up and resist. "t" is for the thousands feeling ____. thrashin' is our business...and business is mediocre at best. go!

2. living room mosh pit - mp3 (864 KB)
tape goes in, kids go nuts. we're not here for kickin butts. we don't need a band with an amp. just don't break the goddamn lamp. living room mosh pit! moshing with the d-boiz - won them on the air, stage dive off of steev's reclineable chair. living room mosh pit! coffee table GO!

3. baby i don't want to make out, i just want to circle pit - mp3 (1.4 MB)
baby i like spending time and being with you but tonight i have something better to do now is not the time for loving and that sissy shit cause baby, i just want to cirle pit you don't need to sit and pout because there isn't a single doubt that circle pitting is what its all about and its not the time for making out

4. fuck electrons - mp3 (124 KB)
we like protons because they're positive

5. communitea - mp3 (1.1 MB)
what's a better way to show loyalty to your crew than sharing iced tea that was freshly brewed. turners', taylors', schneiders' ICED TEA! communitea, pass the tea around.

6. off the gods - mp3 (2.0 MB)
all these greek mythology hardcore kids making shows look like harvest rituals. if one more scenester tells me that i'm going to hades, i swear i'll quit moshing forever. OFF THE GODS x4 stormin' mt. olympus & doing what's rightly. taking out the mighty Aphrodite. shove zeus' lightening bolt up his ass. OFF THE GODS x4 i hope that one day you will fly way too close to the sun and just like icarus you will fall to your death.

7. boy i'm going to set you on fire if you say another fucking word - mp3 (1.2 MB)
punk and hardcore's a way of life...not a way to make a living. lifestyle sold as a commodity, now you got your victory. pimping with olc, chillin with victory. doesn't make much sense to me, but now your got your money. records spin in revolutions! everyone makes choices, but they don't have your influence over others

8. give the world a hug - mp3 (124 KB)
nuke the south

9. let's unite the punx and skinz put 'em on a boat send them off to sea and sink those fuckers - mp3 (1.9 MB)
lousy mohicans taking up space. puking everywhere and calling it anarchy. yelling no gods no masters unless they are in crust bands. you wear stupid costumes looking like you take a stand. you think the gov't is watching you. if so, then i'll eat my shoe PUNX N' SKINZ LET'S UNITE 'EM! PUNX N' SKINZ WE'LL PUT EM ON A BOAT! PUNX N' SKINZ WE'LL SEND EM OFF TO SEA! PUNX N' SKINZ LET'S SINK THOSE FUCKERS! lousy cue balls with heads shaved so close. maybe they shaved away half of their brain. homoerotic tendencies masked by macho bullshit. cute suspenders and pants tightly fit. you can't even fucking circle pit!


MRR #217, June 2001
Reviewed by Rob Coons
Crucial Unit-"Premium Iced Tea" EP
Squirmy hardcore that is as funny as it is fast. With Songs like "Living Room Mosh Pitt", "Baby, I don't want to make out...I just want to Circle Pit", and Let's Unite the Punx and Skinz, Put 'em on a Boat, Send them off to Sea and Sink those Fuckers", you know your in for a treat. They have obviously taken their cue from bands like Charles Bronson and the Ultimate Warriors and are now wreaking havoc on the Pittsburgh Punk Scene. I mean if a song called "Fuck Electrons", with the lyrics, "We like protons, because they are positive" doesn't make you crack a smile then you should have your pulse checked.

Mike Thorn, From his MRR #217 Column:
Crucial Unit-Iced tea fueled power thrash from the land of the Iron City Punx (that's Pittsburgh-duh). The new ep is a total rager, so don't forget to write to the nice fellow at Crucial Blast and get your own copy.

Heart Attack #30 - Reviewed by Denver Dale
Everyone, it's time to put on your bandana, your DRI shirt and get in the pit! IT"S TIME TO FUCKING THRASH!!! I know that the second people hear this, mosh pits will break out where ever they are. ICED TEA CORE! Lyrics range from love (Baby, I don't Wanna make out, I just wanna circle pit!), Iced Tea, god (Off the Gods!), sellouts (Boy, I'm gonna set you on fire if say another fucking word!) and much more! Crucial (ha!) for thrashers and Iced Tea fans everywhere!

The Crass Menagerie - Issue #95 - June 2001 (
CRUCIAL UNIT - self-titled 7"
Review by: Dave
The first song starts with a riff that sounds straight off DRI's "Crossover," and from then on it's raw, blistering thrash I know and love. If their vocalist's shriek was any higher only dogs could hear him, but it's cool that he completely side-stepped the preconceived notions I had about hardcore vocalists. CRUCIAL UNIT applies humor to topics like "hardcore" groups who switch to the big labels ("Boy I'm going to set you on fire if you say another fucking word"), and religion in hardcore in the song "Off the Gods." They recognize the trend of religion in hardcore, "from krishna mosh metal bands to christian false-emo MTV bullshit to straightedge mormon fascists." They predict Greek mythology will be the next religious hardcore trend and they want to stop it before it starts (Dear CRUCIAL UNIT; I live in the birthplace of straightedge mormon fascism and I will teach you their kickboxing techniques so we can beat the Hades out of those Zeus-worshipers). In seriousness, there's some good writing about the Mr. Roboto Project, a collectively-run show space in Pittsburgh, and an essay about bands who jump ship to major labels or indie labels that wanna-be. The point is that anyone can get involved in the hardcore community and that's what keeps it alive. Bands who jump ship circumvent that community, and no matter how "hardcore" they claim to be, they've stopped contributing to the community that gave them their start. Awesome thrash, awesome message. What more could you possibly want? (Crucial Blast Records, PO Box 364, Hagerstown, MD 21741-0364, or